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"Sirens" is available all over the place, but you can stream it using the quick links below or watch our lyric video by clicking on the picture below. If you enjoy it please support by liking, commenting and adding our songs to your playlists. Thank you for listening.



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Official Lyrics:

Hey, hey do you know what you say?

Look how your words make me crazy, love

Sometimes i just need a break

Hey, hey do you realise I pray

Pray that today there's no boxing glove

Bask in the words of your praise


They say walk away but then I'd be missing so much

I remember thinking I need this perilous touch



You give me reasons to see

You give me reasons to flee

Like a classic of war and peace

You could be king of each street

It's cold but you'd overheat

Heaven's devil coming for me

Hey, you see the world in all shades

Point out its colours to everyone

When I let you lead the way

Hey, please may i just have my say?

Promise you won’t get all crazy, but

No second guessing today


Every single day there’ll be 15 minutes I’m crushed

Every single day though, I’ll rise back up in a rush...

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