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There's a fire burning bright, fireworks light up the scene, loudly

Didn't want to go outside, there it was cold and very muddy

Had my heart set on a guy, who smiled with his eyes and was keen on rugby

So I asked him by the by, if we could meet up to see, if he


if he'd be the the guy made to show me the fire

guy wanting to take me higher

So I snuck out on the sly, me a hippy wannabe, fifteen

He received me with smile, he really seemed to like me, baby

He was dressed up to the nines, in his shellsuit from Nike, trendy

He was being so polite, asking if I'd like a tea, PG!


And so noone was around I felt my heart pound

Just about to find out what he's all about

No excitement to be found, just one single sound

My heart sank like a stone in the sea


Why didn't I feel the fire (...I asked myself)

Why didn't he take me higher

I thought I would hear the choirs

I'd have to wait for the fire.

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