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playing on my mind

New year, new release!. Here's a sneak peak of our new song "Playing on my mind" an 80s inspired tune with a catchy bass line, heartwarming harmonies, and gorgeous guitars, it's a trip through hopes and dreams and reflections on those sliding doors moments.


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Lyrics Playing On My Mind

Footsteps can take you miles and miles away

and barely leave a trace

Where moon and tides embrace


Suitcases filled with dreams to find and face

An unexpected chase

A bloom in outer space 



You got your eyes set on the lights in the sky

You got your dreams

But do your worlds align   


It's been playing on my mind

Was I right

Just to play it as I like


This sweet game I can't rewind

But I'd try

To replay and make it right 


Luxury is a wad of time to spare

Just knowing that you're there

With one foot here, one there  


Suddenly storms roll in disrupting the day

 Now I can see that I'm too far away

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