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An unlikely union between two opposing characters like fire and water - one with the boldness of Aries, the other silent depth of Scorpio—their intense differences are their obstacles and their strengths, but with a shared objective, they make it to the end.

Thanks to our very special backing singers, Ella, Henri, Lexa and Milo.

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Scorpions and Rams Album.JPG


Verse 1

Can it be done?

Beneath the ocean sun

Standing in the cross breeze


I need a ride

Can you carry me over?

Could you kindly help me


Unlikely story

Scorpions and rams

They just need to understand

Unlikely story

Scorpions and rams

Joined together they stand hand in hand



Verse 2

Catching his eye

Shame to be left behind

He could tackle the fleas


Oh how he shined

Positive his reply

Climb aboard and we'll see  







Tell your story 

hear the calling

Save the glory




Verse 3

Cardinal sign

Meets with the ocean's line 

Make a soulmate of me


Matter of mind 

Ride with a reckless rover

Don't get caught in the fleece

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